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100% Vegan Soft Gel - A Chill Out Fred Exclusive

We are very excited to offer our broad spectrum CBD oil in a fully vegan soft gel. Convenient and easy to take they are suitable for those on a 100% plant based diet.

Unlike others on the market which use an animal based gelatin or a two piece capsule, Chill Out Fred uses a soft gel made exclusively from sunflower lecithin which makes them much easier to take and they are fast acting so they are perfect as a daily supplement or to take when needed.

You get a measured dose of 10mg of broad spectrum CBD oil and the exclusive soft gel formulation helps to absorb the CBD into your system much quicker. The soft gels are an amber colour which helps protect the CBD from oxidation and degradation and they have no taste and unlike some tablets have no odour. 

Each soft gel also contains MCT oil (see our blog - MCT Oil - What is it?) made from sustainably sourced coconut.  So you not only get the benefits of CBD oil with all of its natural minerals, flavonoids and terpenes but you also get a ketone boosting effect from the MCT oil.